Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Creating safe, effective teaching and learning environments

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Tier 1 universal support

Tier 1 universal support


Universal support is the foundation for PBL. The focus is on establishing a whole-school planned approach to wellbeing and strengthening the school learning culture.

There are seven essential features that are critical to Universal implementation which include:

·         Leadership

·         Defining Expected Behaviours

·         Teaching Expected Behaviours

·         Encouraging Expected Behaviours

·         Effective Classroom Practices

·         Responding to Problem Behaviour

·         Review, Data and Ongoing Monitoring




Key features of universal support include:


·       clear, shared expectations for behaviour that are explicitly taught for different school settings

·       consistent positive feedback

·       a range of strategies to respond to students who are not following the school's expectations

·       continuous collection and use of data for decision making.

·       crucially all school staff provide universal supports for all students across all settings including classrooms and non-classroom setting