Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Creating safe, effective teaching and learning environments

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Tier 2 targeted interventions and support

Some students may need additional support and instruction for their learning. Targeted interventions, support and instruction build upon what has been taught to students at the universal level. The focus of Tier 2 is on staff intervening early to support their students.

Tier 2 provides additional support, instruction and feedback that will help students to effectively engage in learning. To achieve this the school establishes a process so that targeted supports are available to quickly respond to student need.

Key features include:

  • increasing structure and predictability
  • increasing opportunities for feedback
  • monitoring the progress of students
  • linking academic and behavioural performance
  • increasing communication between home and school
  • collecting and using of data for decision making
  • simple function-based support for all teachers to use.