Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

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Parents, carers and families are the first and most important educational influence in a child’s life. They have a critical role in early development, including social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical wellbeing. They instil attitudes and values that support young people to access and participate in education and training, and contribute to local and global communities. It is critical for the education community to work in partnership with parents, carers and families to support a child’s progress through early learning and school. (Education Council, 2019). 

Parents, carers and families are important members of the school community. They have valuable insights and information about how their children learn best and what help they need.

Communicating regularly with families and carers about their children’s activities, lessons, projects and celebrations will help them better understand and support the PBL process.

Benefits of parent, carer and family involvement in PBL

  • Increase in student wellbeing results from many interconnected elements of school and home life. (CESE, 2020)
  • School staff can help parents, carers and families support their children and young people at home in learning and developing academic, social-emotional and behavioural skills.
  • School staff encourage parents, carers and family members to connect with the school and be involved in ways that support both them and the school.


Student wellbeing must be integrated into the school learning environment, into the policies and procedures of a school, and into the stakeholder relationships within and outside the school, including teachers, parents, students, support staff and community groups. (CESE, 2020)

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