Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Creating safe, effective teaching and learning environments

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Principal with the students on a soccer field

School principals and executive teachers have an important role implementing Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) in schools.


Their leadership drives the collaboration and whole of school approach needed to make PBL a success within the school and the wider school community.


As active members of the PBL team, principals and executive teachers provide ongoing support to all team members.


Keys to success:

  • having at least 80% of staff happy to support PBL
  • having a common vision, language and experience to support PBL implementation
  • supporting all staff to collaborate on PBL planning and implementation
  • ensuring the expectations of students and staff are clearly stated and well understood
  • adopting a team approach with regular monthly meetings
  • regularly reviewing and revising the PBL action plan
  • regularly reviewing, revising and documenting the PBL process and saving relevant documents and data.

Successful implementation is more likely when PBL is embedded into the school plan and school routines. This supports the school to sustain changes over the long term.