Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Creating safe, effective teaching and learning environments

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Tier 1 universal prevention

The team responsible for Tier 1 universal prevention includes representatives of all key stakeholders in the school community.

The team usually includes:

  • principal
  • Learning and Support team representative
  • teacher(s) with behavioural management expertise (for example, Learning and Support (LaS) teacher, school counsellor)
  • non-teaching staff (for example, School Learning Support Officer, school administration staff)
  • parent/community
  • coach support (within school coach or an external person from another school).

Team responsibilities are to:

  • attend Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) training
  • develop PBL school vision aligned with school plan
  • schedule/participate in efficient meetings
  • use problem solving and data based decision making
  • collect, collate, analyse and share data
  • develop, implement and evaluate an action plan
  • communicate with staff, students, families and community and seek feedback on progress
  • build systems for family and community awareness and engagement.

Tier 1 systems:

  • ensure essential features of school wide universal prevention are in place
  • achieve actions through staff collaboration
  • communicate school-wide systems and strategies
  • ensure effective classroom practices are in place
  • schedule professional learning
  • document processes for acknowledgement/consequences and data collection.

Tier 1 practices:

  • post, teach, monitor and review expectations
  • support quality teaching across all settings
  • use data based decision making.