Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

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Tier 3 intensive individualised

Tier 3 intensive individualised intervention action teams are formed when needed.

The team focuses on creating and implementing individualised behaviour support plans that are linked to the universal system. Students are identified by the team as being in need of Tier 3 supports using the school's established data decision making framework.

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Tier 3 action team membership includes:

  • representative from the team that supports targeted group interventions
  • class teacher(s)
  • parent/carer
  • staff with specific expertise (for example, Learning and Support Teacher, school counsellor).

Tier 3 intensive individualised systems include:

  • coordinating planning and progress monitoring with the team that supports targeted group interventions
  • communicating and collaborating with families and carers
  • working closely with other service providers
  • using data to monitor and evaluate student progress and overall program effectiveness.

Tier 3 intensive individualised practices include:

  • conducting Functional Behavioural Assessment (FBA) procedures
  • developing, implementing and monitoring behaviour/learning plans.